What problems do I solve?

I assist you in doing digital marketing more efficiently by concentrating on four main areas:

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What is your digital marketing strategy? Does it make sense for the unique challenges and landscape of your industry?


How is your business placed to scale with digital? Or are you stuck spinning your wheels? Is your business digitally transformed?


Where is your money going? What are you getting for your investment? Are you wasting any of your spend? Are you getting good value?


I help my client develop a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge, by taking the employees to a new level of expertise


12 years of working experience

I Combine Technology with Business Ideas

With about 12 years experience, I am adept in marketing development and management, strategy development, sales performance tracking and business modeling.

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Mohammed Y. Ismail
B2B Digital Marketing Expert & Business Advisor

My Services

I work with business owners, as well as their in-house marketing teams and external contractors & service providers.

Digital Marketing
Market Studies Services
Coaching & Training

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services are focused on business plans, feasibility studies, and financial models.

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B2B Digital Marketing Services

Your vision is brought to life. Your brand sees accelerated growth. Your customers have better online experiences.

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Coaching & Training

I thoroughly analyze your business or idea from every perspective, and formulate strategies as per your specific goals & needs

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Outlining Needs & Goals:

I spend considerable time in clearly outlining your business goals and needs, since only then an effective solution can be developed. I don’t just sit back and listen; I contribute to refine your goals based on current market trends.


Building Strategy:

After pin-pointing your wants and needs, together we brainstorm to build an innovative solution. I keep you in constant touch since I believe that only by combining your product knowledge and our market expertise we can arrive at something great.



Once we have verified the formulated strategy in a simulated environment and have tested it through & through, I help you execute it while also making sure that you use the right technology and tools.


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I am extremely enthusiastic about marketing and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to an ongoing success.



How long will it take to be done??

There is no such thing as ``done.`` Marketing should be considered a verb rather than a noun. It necessitates action. Digital marketing is a never-ending and growing adventure, not something you set up once and forget about. We're not playing in a static environment. And yes, I'm the correct person for you if you're looking for a digital marketing expert to come in, complete a project for you, and then depart.

What’s my ROI going to look like??

I'd probably be retired by now if I could answer that. It's not the kind of event that can be predicted ahead of time. That irritates me as well. The best we can do is keep track of our progress and use market input to reduce certain items and increase others.

What do you need from me??

Support is the most important thing. For much of your digital marketing, I'll be the bus driver. However, make no mistake: you will be heavily involved. This will be a collaborative effort. Why? Because it's your company, and you're the authority on your industry/application field.